The Haunted House
By Zakk Silveira

There was an old house
on top of the hill,
It has a maid
that looks like she’d KILL,

The windows are shattered
the doors are all cracked,
The maid’s hands are BLOODY’
and she’s carrying a AXE.

The door opens slowly,
So I run away.
The bloody maid says,
“Oh please come and stay”

“I don’t under stand,
I won’t turn you ‘to raw meat.
Come back around to
Trick, or treat."

A Young Rockstars Dream
By: Zakk Silveira

I woke up in the morning,
what do I see?
Over twenty platinum records
Shining Down on me!

I walk out the door,
hop in the limousine,
thinking about everything
that I’ve just seen.

Next thing I know I’m
playing on the stage.
The director hands me a song
by: Jimmy Page.

I’m on the front porch,
because I lost my mansion’s key.
Then my manager sets up
an interview with Oprah Winfrey

Then I wake up in bed
Looks like what it seems.
So I say to myself
a young rockstars dream.

What Happened?
BY: Zakk Silveira

Last thing I remember
I was walking on the street.
All of the sudden
I heard a catchy beat!

I was wondering what
Happened after that
So I decided to
Take a long nap.

In my dreams
I saw a car crash.
Not just that but when the car
Was coming I was ran in a dash.

Police were at the seen
There was ambulance to.
With a stretcher that
Had me stuck on like glue?

The doctor’s report said
He has a bit of amnesia.
But no one will no
Till he’s out of the seizure